Here’s the truth:

1- Root Canal. YOU SUCK.

2- I really really really really want THIS.

3- I need an office. Or like a space… that is not the basement. Too dark and gloomy in there for me. Hummmmm… plus my dinning room table is so not the right height for me to work at. I am too short, and my arms are way to high when I type, or edit… struggles.

4- The little. Well, he’s killing me off. Remember when I said his new thing is to like, jump out of bed and get dressed. Well, now all the sudden he wants to get out of bed and get dressed in… soft pants. Like fleece or sweat pants or something. No really, everyday the kid is in fleece or sweat pants. For a second that mom that I want to be, the one with the kid in super cute gymboree/gap/children’s place/etc had a full melt down. You can’t wear little boys sperrys  with sweats. I also lost the shoe battle. I refused to let the kid wear light up anything. Like so lame. But take one guess what the kid is wearing. Yup… light up spiderman shoes. Whatever, life is too short and when you four there are only so many things in your life you get to control. But still… that little mom part of me who wants the catalog cute kid… I keep telling her to shut up.

5- Speaking of the little….. the other day we were in Kmart… they had Angry Bird toys on like, super discount… after 30 mins of waiting for him to select something we are standing in line, and he notices I am holding something he didn’t select. Immediate break down, after all we told him HE could pick out what he got… so he starts reminding me that he did not pick that and I should put it back. So fine, I’ll save the 4 bucks and put it back. The husband, however, is a little embarrassed that the kid is demanding I put a toy back, and letting the whole store know we promised him that HE could pick out the toy and blah blah blah.. so the husband whispers in his ear ” hey it embarrasses me when you talk to mom and dad that way. people will think we are bad parents for letting you speak to us in such an ugly manner.” At which point the little thinks, and then blurts out ” You are bad parents”. Yes, I had to turn away for fear he might see me laughing. And of course I am laughing because, well- yes, we shouldn’t let him talk to us like that and leave it to a kid to point out the obvious and 2- his dad is turing a shade of angry that i have never seen. Needless to say I sent them to the car and finished checking out.

6- Did I mention I had a root canal. Oh well I did, and my face is still swollen and sore.

7- I made these last week.  (now they are all i can think about) I have to make brownies for the Bigs choir somethingorother and I told him I was going to make these again. He asked me not to call them Slutty brownies. I suppose I could change the name since, well… it might not be appropriate for  a high school somethingorother for me to show up with.. slutty brownies. Ha.

8- THIS. need I say more. I might even travel all the way to Whole Foods for some of these ingredients. #3 and #13- who’s making them with me? Anyone… Anyone??

9- my pig needs a friend, but the husband keeps saying no. one day….. he’s going to arrive home and there is going to be a friend for her. (insert picture of depressed dog)

pig-110- The bad thing about Halloween, despite it is when I enter the (dreary music playing here) funk… is all the candy in the stores. Like, I don’t even want to grocery shop because I just walk right past everything good for me… and straight to the never ending candy aisle. Where you can get rollos, and nerds, and milky ways ALL IN THE SAME BAG, for the bargain price of … what the? $25.00? Back to the fruit.

11-This weekend….. Football. I think on Sunday I am going to do nothing but watch football. Yup.



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