Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- What is up with high waisted skirts and pants. Didn’t we get rid of those at least a decade ago? I’m not sure I can go back. It’s like skinny jeans…I’m struggling with those too.

2- Homecoming talent show last night… good times. Nothing like hanging out at your old high school at a  predominately  misunderstood youth event. Spent a lot of the evening shaking my head.

3- The big cut his hair (yes!) but still refuses to smile….. ugh.



4- I promised myself no soap boxes this week…. This whole number was a huge rant about mean moms… who raise mean girls… but then I realized why waste my breath, or your time. Mean girls exist, mean moms exist. Period. Teach your girls to humble, kind,  and accepting. A wonderful mom sent this link out to other mothers in our community.I think it is an awesome read. I also think that the culture of this school district feeds the mouths and entitlements of the “mean” girls. I taught my middle (and so did those mean girls) say 4th maybe 5th grade, if they don’t make you feel good about yourself  WALK AWAY. If they hurt your feelings with “not to be mean but so and so really doesn’t like you” their true intent is only to be mean. Drama does not equal friendship and friendships don’t need or thrive on drama.  You don’t need them to be your friend. I’m shutting up now,(since I’ve written and erased this number… oh 12 times now) right after I say this… MEAN GIRLS SUCK> and so do the parents that fail to acknowledge it or correct it.

5- This. no matter how old you are these are applicable.

6- THIS.

7- So I don’t really want to talk about this, as I find it embarrassing but it’s like consuming my every thought? So I figure, blog it and then forget it. Happy people don’t dwell.

I was taught a little lesson this week- I was approached to photograph some art. I’m not overly comfortable shooting things other than people. I mean sometimes I feel like I still struggle shooting families. So, I told the lady that I would come, shoot her stuff, and if she could use it great she could pay me the agreed price, and if not then we could both just walk away. So I did the work, (hurriedly I might add as she had a very short window to get it) got her the disc and that was that. She never really came back to me, so I figured she wasn’t overly impressed, and maybe my images were not very good. I chalked the experience up to “what katie can’t photograph” internalized my failure and moved on. Sunday, my husband was desperate for some roasted hatch green chili’s… so I tracked some down. As I was paying for them, I look over and see…. my image, on a flyer. Yeah…. one of them from the session she never said anything about and certainly didn’t pay for. Furious, I chalk it up to me failing to follow up with her. Somehow making the entire situation my fault. I cried and then moved on. So yesterday, the husband and I are downtown… after a tasty gyro (if you have’t had one you should) and hunh- there on the side walk on a sidewalk advertisement/sign is my picture again. No really. When approached about paying me… her response “well I only used one of her images”. Right, so if I happen to stroll into the art gallery, take only one of your pieces of art with out paying that makes it ok? But if i take two.. then what? Lesson learned. I will now watermark all my images in a huge diagonal hard to photoshop out, for proofs…. I am shaking my head at myself right now…

8-On a happier note, I CAN’T wait to blog the senior session I took this week. I have to admit, I love it.

9- Let’s talk TV for a second. I LOVE the new show, Madam Secretary. Love it. But then again I love politics so… I love this season of scandal so far. I just started watching One Tree Hill… I’m not sold yet.  But I love that it has 9 seasons, so days like today, when it is gloom and doom outside.. The little and I can just cuddle up, and watch our electronics? Yeah, that didn’t sound right, that may in fact enroll me for the worst mom ever award? whatever…. THIS. YES THAT. I am going to watch it in REAL TIME. yes I said real time, commercials and all.

10- this weekend, a little CC TTIIIIGGGGers hockey, welcome to the new coach!




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