hannah- senior session

Here’s the truth:

i was a little nervous when hannah wanted to have her session somewhere i had never been. would the light work? would there be any light? would there be lots of people around? the list goes on and on…

Here’s the truth: I

hb-1-3 hb-1-10 hb-1-15 hb-1-18 hb-1-24 hb-1-30 hb-1-43 hb-1-62 hb-1-72 hb-1-76

Oh, did i mention hannah is a ballerina.

hb-1-78 hb-1-82 hb-1-84 hb-1-90 hb-1-98 hb-1-105

*my favorite*hb-1-106 hb-1-110 hb-1-114 hb-1-129 hb-1-131 hb-1-134 hb-1-138 hb-1-144


hb-1-150 hb-1-153 hb-1-154 hb-1-33

hey hannah- thanks for holding that pose, for-ev-ah. thanks also for hanging out in a sketchy alley, on some random stairs. can’t tell you how much i love each and every one of these.


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