thursday’s thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- I rearranged the only room in my house that I can. It’s like I have a new room. love it.

2- the little wants to be a zombie for halloween. so….i googled zombie costume images. there are some freaking sick people out there. i need an eyeball wash after that.

3- I want THIS. NOW! I think it will be almost as life changing as the egg mcmuffin maker.yum


4- I tired to take the kids pictures this week. Actually I actually had family pictures taken, yup. Last family picture was… oh right, when we got married. But before our family pictures I wanted to grab a few of the kids, since it’s kinda my thing. Here’s what the big gave me. I’m so over him.  (although i do think he smiled for the real photographer, thankfully)



5- So I’ve been surfing pinterest for bedroom ideas. Wait, that didn’t sound good. Wait, get my mind out of the gutter. So, I’ve been surfing pinterest for new decorating ideas for the master bedroom. Here’s what I now know about myself….

1) Throw pillows.. not happening. this is what we have in the throw pillow category.


and yes the hubby sleeps with it every.night. he loves the thing.

2) I can’t have a fancy duvet cover. I have a huge black dog that inhabits my bed and fancy overprice duvet cover is not happening. So… end of surfing. But man….. I kinda want some throw pillows and a fancy duvet cover.

6- As i type this the little is doing… yoga? Like, he requested i find it on demand and is.. actually doing it?

7- THIS. Please… appear in my kitchen ready to eat.

8-So last night Pearl Jam played the Pepsi Center, to those you that went… so jealous. I always thought THIS was their best song evah, but then maybe THIS… however… today… i’m thinking THIS. Hands.Down.

9-So I’m wondering ladies, when do you decide it is time to just, ditch the closet… and start over.

10- THIS.


PS go broncos!


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