wednesday’s whatevers-

Here’s the truth:

1- halloween is not really my favorite holiday, but in the whole holiday realm.. it’s in the top two. Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years. I’d actually be ok living on an island during those. At this point, I’d actually live on a cold island.

2-a few weeks ago, i watch the big kick ass in his a cappella performance. and i’m not going to lie. i was totally a little nervous that they were going to be… well…. surprise,  they were awesome, whew. and the big… proud mom moment. cool thing, you can watch it HERE. he’s at 1:02:45. click play, watch the add and then put your mouse over the 3rd H in the “high school cube” logo and click.

3-my sister and one other person threw THIS song up on FB a month or more ago, and i wasn’t really sold on it. i think it is because he sings just a little behind the beat. kinda like willy nelson, and that drives me a little crazy. but then THIS happened. and well, we all know that i love lebron.

4-i’m proud to say i’m getting better at families.. thanks to this one who let me experiment on them!


5- the little just asked me for a spoon of… butter. yes, i said butter. a whole spoon. i had to say no.

6-Can we talk about THESE. I laughed for days.

7- i have to take a moment to vent… shocking, i know. recently, when we voted here, in my little bubble that i pretend you all know about and live in, there was a school bond issue on the ballot. it was a very very very hard choice for me. long and short, the bond passed, and suddenly i am VERY sad.  never mind… it is what it is…

8- THIS. i bawled. just watched it again… bawled again. ❤

9- Can’t get enough of THIS for some odd reason. like, it’s on repeat in the car.

10- I have decided that i am hiding people on FB who HAVE to push their political agenda. it’s annoying to me. I don’t care if you are a free loving, feed the world, women are oppressed, wait everyone is oppressed, so let’s take care of them all liberal – or a gun toting, let the rich get richer, down with welfare republican. i’m over it. share something that makes me laugh, that moves me, that makes me want to be a better person, and not some persons blog about guns that you and your friends rip apart, then accuse the author of sheer ignorance. I.DON’T.CARE. what you or your friends think about guns, or the intelligence of the person who wrote the blog. what i do care about is are you happy? what awesome thing happened in your life? what awesome thing happened in your kids life?Did you pay it forward this week? Share things like THIS. or THIS. end.of.rant.

11- SNOW- yes, it’s ok. fn-freezing weather. not so much.

12- this weekend. BRUNCH!


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