Friday’s Findings-

Here’s the truth:

1- i’m back. so there it is. i was gone and now.. well.. i’m back.

2– i am making THIS for dinner tonight.   tomorrow night, upon venturing to the store, (see no. 8.) you’d think the end was coming and everyone needs to stockpile. i promptly put my cart back and left.( see no.9 ) we have enough refried beans and cereal to wait it out.

3-in highschool, there was this guy who sat behind me in geometry. every day, never failed, he would ask me for a pencil, and then not return it. drove me CRAZY. i am fearful my big is that “guy”. despite buying him box upon box of pencils, i am almost 100% sure he is that guy. damn.parent fail.

4-Can’t tell you HOW EXCITED i am about the new camera.  i already feel like my images are better…although i am struggling on how to get them to the right size….

pig (1 of 1)

pig (1 of 1)

pig (1 of 1)-2

5- Dear The West Wing. I love you.

6- Dear The Walking Dead… why are these new episodes so long… and kinda boring?

7-why does it feel like my family of 5 smokes through a 12 pack of the “mega” roll charmin in like…. 8 days?

8- So apparently- it’s going to snow here. Anywhere from and inch to 16 of those…… not holding my breath.

9- remember when i said i was over planning meals. yeeeahhhhhh, that hasn’t changed. i am pretty sure my family is over cereal for dinner, or bean and cheese burritos…. the cool thing is i broke down and bought a box of schwan’s boneless skinless individual wrapped chicken breasts. BEST.PURCHASE.EVER. I don’t care how much more per pound they are, they rock.

10- I want a record player. Yes, like a turn table. My friend said he got one and now, well i want one.

11- So…. this weekend… last weekend of my 30’s. yes, I am still struggling with that despite my attempt at changing my dread with my last blog.. i’m still.. well…. whatever.


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