friday’s findings-

here’s the truth:

1- the little turned 5 yesterday. no.. really… he’s 5. i suddenly want another baby- until i remember that he never slept, he never took a bottle, i still- to this date- have never slept a night away from him. so. no baby. NO BABY.

2- this week, the week of f’n 40- so far I noticed while brushing my teeth that i lost a diamond out of my wedding band. this will be time # 2.  tuesday, i made what i said i was going to make last week only to have NO ONE eat it. i missed a lax meeting. wednesday the little has pinkeye. yes, i said pinkeye.and it hasn’t stopped snowing…

3- are you so over my fixation on 40- well, it will be over on saturday.

4-i have been listening to the air supply pandora station… for weeks now. i can assure you when ever THIS comes on. i stop what i am doing and suddenly become the 80’s rock songstress i know i was meant to be.  Needless to say i think the reason i forget things that are recent.. much of my memory storage is used up by lyrics to 80’s  and 90’s love songs.

5- did i mention the little has pinkeye?

6-Can’t get enough of THIS.

7-so… every time I see THIS i smile.

8-why is popping bubble wrap…. so addictive? like i can’t walk by a piece with out stopping to pop at least well.. the whole sheet.

9-Here’s a look at the last week-

feb (1 of 1)-2

feb (1 of 1)-8

snow (1 of 1)-7

snow (1 of 1)-15

feb (1 of 1)-19

feb (1 of 1)-20

10- Next week, i’m off to San Antonio with the big for a singing competition. so excited!


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