Friday’s Findings-

here’s the truth:

1- This happened last week.

coco (1 of 1)-2 coco (1 of 1)-13 coco (1 of 1)-16

2-i’m struggling with my big. ugh…. there is not a motivated bone in his body. to do anything. and that annoys me.

3- i made THIS for dinner. well, it’s in the fridge, just have the last few steps to complete for tonight. wish me luck.

4- i am in DIRE need of warmth and sun….. and a fruity drink.

5-THIS. i’ve watched it, like 4 times…

6- i love jimmy fallon. do you? no really, i love him. i spent 1/2 the day reading his funny hashtags. laughter man, it really is good for you.

7- my new camera and i… well.. we are fighting. with that being said, who needs pictures.. i need to show it who’s boss and my kids (and dogs for that matter) are over me and it.

8-after traveling with the big and his choir group to san antonio i learned a few things.

a) high schooler’s spend a lot of time snap chatting the person sitting next to them.

b) i don’t feel as old as i am- but know kids see me as my age….. but that didn’t stop me from riding the roller coasters with them.

c) i’m kinda a snobby bitch. yep, that’s right… i am going to work on that.

9- Big lesson i learned last week- sometimes you just have to throw it out there that you are a mile away from your high school bff.. and stop worrying that you didn’t call before hand and set up a dinner, and push aside the thought that you are intruding and messing up their evening… because the beer and hour you spend catching up, well plain and simple, it is food for your soul.

10-HELLO spring break. Although we are not going anywhere..  because of # 1 we aren’t planning even a trip to denver- i am still excited about a little home time, a little skylanders time- yes, i said skylanders.. and not waking up at 5:45!


2 thoughts on “Friday’s Findings-

  1. I want to “like” every #. puppy pics are darling. cullen being unmotivated made me empathize (and chuckle: what a teenager!),LOVED the dancing video, and food idea, and insight into annoying teenagers, and mostly LVOED that you connected with a girlfriend over a beer. heaven.

    we want to have y’all over soon. when we can grill and hang on our deck…..come! keep the posts coming! i love them. Kathy Bell

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