friday’s findings-

here’s the truth:

1- so a few weeks ago i went on a search for a new pair of jeans. what a huge debacle. i swear i must have tried on 70 pairs of jeans ranging in price from 10 bucks to 110 bucks. ugh… talk about a struggle being real. anyway, i ended up buying a pair of mom jeans, and you know what. i love them.. never mind that they have a normal size crotch and aren’t skinny…

2-i think maybe they should start a “people of chic-fil-a”… in the booth behind me a lady and three kids… she says to them, let’s work on similes. Who can spell here and hair. ummm ahhhh…. lady, a smilie is a comparison using like or as. a homophone is a word that has more than one spelling or meaning… here and hair are neither…. perhaps you mean hole and whole- or they’re , there, and their, or blue and blew. really.. hair and here?

3-since getting the puppy i have been walking, like 3 miles a day. you’d think i’d be slimming down, but more walking = more hunger, thus.. more eating. no slimming.

4 I actually had to strike this. it is what it is and i must let go of the things i can not change…. – here is a HUGE vent… be prepared… the big committed himself to choir this year. so no varsity lacrosse for him. really, as a mom I am a-ok with that. but… for some reason… they pulled him up to varsity.. so he can… sit on the bench, right. i’m not asking for a starting position, just a min or two of playing time…. even better, why don’t you invite him on a lax trip to, wait for it……NOT play him. thank you so much for wasting my money. maybe you have upwards of $700 bucks burning a hole in your pocket but this family does not.

5-so, i vowed to myself i wouldn’t mention… well…. 40- but man, i’m telling ya, i swear, since i’ve turned 40 it’s like the gray hairs are out in full force, and no amount of dye will keep them at bay. as if the forehead wrinkles weren’t a dead give away, these damn grays are relentless.

6- my neighbors have a huge spongebob bouncy house. not joking…. why is this so odd you ask… because their kids are like, 13 and 15…. but they have a huge bounce house with a trampoline right next to it…i’ve been running interference with the little all day.

7- the little dog. i know, you are going to be so shocked with this information but… the little dog, she loves to be outside. WTF? i have never, in my life, had an outside dog. no really… all my dogs have preferred the couch to the lawn. hell, pig won’t even walk in the grass… and at least three times a day i find the little dog out there… asleep, digging to china, eating a rose bush…. speaking of the little dog… she’s getting bigger… reso (1 of 1)

8- so since it is the middle’s b-day, i totally wanted to share her awesome blank space video, but apparently youtube does NOT want me to share it. if you want to see it let me know, i’ll send it to you. it’s awesome. well she’s awesome. and 14. and kinda dr jekyll and mr hyde-ish.. but still awesome.

9- every time the big and the choir sing THIS ( this is actually a capella under a bridge in san antonio with 13 of them) i want to run home and watch working girl; never mind that 1/2 of them weren’t born with the movie even came out . they killed it again last night.

10- this weekend the easter bunny will be visiting- and for once….it already snowed so at least that is out of the way!


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