Friday’s Findings-

Here’s the truth:

1- allergies suck.

2-THIS. no really….

3- i don’t want anyone to worry so i am just going to put it out there, that no… my love of the air supply pandora station has not ended and i play it every day.

4- i have one more thing to confess. and i know many of you will roll your eyes and wonder.. why was he ever there in the first place, well roll away because the amount of joy i have in sharing with you that the little sleeps in his own bed, trumps your eye roll. yes, finally.. he poops in the potty and sleeps in his own bed. i feel like a new woman, oh wait, i bought a puppy. correction, i feel like the mother of  a new born.

5-I can’t get enough of THIS> it’s on repeat.

6-finally edited the pics of my trip with the big- love these kids.

saboys (1 of 1)-25

saboys (1 of 1)-46

sagirls (1 of 1)-20 sagirls (1 of 1)-84sagirls (1 of 1)-70

7-it’s official. i have been converted- i am totally in love with cider. bud light moooovvve over, it’s cider time.

8-things i do every day that never get noticed- the dishes. really people do you think clean spoons just magically make their way into the drawer. – sweep the floor.. with the broom and the vacuum- i swear my floors NEVER look clean- restock toilet paper. again… tp does not just arrive in your bathroom via some sort of magical tp beam-

9-somehow i stumbled upon an animal activist  Facebook page that i thought would be wise to “like”. uuuummm yeah… no. allergies coupled with copious amounts of crying just makes for a snotty, red-eyed start to every day. but i just can’t.bring.myeslf. to unlike the damn page.

10- i almost can’t contain my excitement for sunday and THIS. who’s seen THIS, totally made me laugh. can’t wait. it’s the one show i watch in REAL time. winter is coming people, winter is coming.

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