Friday’s Findings-

here’s the truth:

1- i busted out crying during the big’s performance of THIS song. I wish i had recorded it. when the little was a baby it’s what i sang to him while we rocked.

2- i made THIS last week. for once in my life i did something right. no really, it was awesome. if you are looking for a new awesome dinner… this is it.

3- i have two words for you, and yes i know i am late to the party.. MOSCOW. MULES. yes, please.

4-Since this purchase, i have been questioning my sanity…

mr (1 of 1)-2

5-that thing.. yea. the little and i planted seeds. i have been lovingly tending to them. i put them in the sun, i water them, i bring them in at night. the other day, while doing the dishes i look out the window to see it, on the table, eating them. yes… on the table outside eating my baby seedlings, and having a blast doing it.

6- this has also been driving me to drink…mr (1 of 1)-3

7- while i’m on a roll… this has been causing me to lose sleep. kid can’t seem to get out of his own way and it is weighing SO heavy on me. like, i wake up and question my parenting. i wake up and worry that he will be well, nothing in life, i wake up and well, see no 4 is chewing on me. anyway, my point is, my stress about the big, and his failed attempts at being a good student are killing me. but, i’m getting over it. i know it’s not my parenting it’s him, and his personality, and certain things in his life that i can totally attribute his attitude too and NONE of them are me. thank god my husband can remove himself from this situation and help me see the bigger picture. mr (1 of 1)-6

8- speaking of my husband, he introduced the little to this movie. not.joking. so now the little runs around singing this…. save. me.

9- so, the big and the middle play lax in the back yard. i can tell you at any point and time i have three if not four broken pickets. not a big deal, unless you have a puppy that can fit through the picket voids, and live darn close to some open space with wild animals roaming around. last week, the little dog was in the back yard and i see her- hair up, barking at the fence. i look to see a dog outside the fence and no owner. it’s cold, and snowy, so i throw my boots on and attempt to find the dog. i don’t want it to freeze…. but, alas, no dog. i see it’s foot prints, but not it. as i am walking in my door, the neighbor around the corner sends me a text- ” i wouldn’t walk the dogs just yet, there is a huge coyote in my front yard”…. sure am glad i didn’t find the “dog”….

10- this weekend.. a little of everything- lax for the hubby, the middle, and soccer for the little and i. and tonight i am going to kick some ass in a lip sync contest. bet you wish you could see that- ha!


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