monday, monday-

Here’s the truth:

1- Rain Rain GO AWAY. no really. it’s green here-your work is done. I’m over you. (PERIOD)

2- I read this blog about things people wish other people would stop doing, on FB, in texts, on blogs and one of those things-I just did. yup. just to annoy the lady, whom i’ve never met, nor will i ever meet, but what ev’s- oh wait i just did another one. man, i’m feeling saucy today.

3- Guess what.. the FN puppy ate a dead vole today. yes… i heard her crunching the bones, and loving every second.                 ::::::::GROSS::::::::::

on second thought, thank god for the rain today, that way all the people in my neighbor hood weren’t outside to hear me screaming at the dog to, well let’s see, leave it. or maybe drop it. or better yet COME. freaking puppy.  i honestly spent the better part of twenty minutes ( IN THE RAIN) trying to get the dog on a leash and then to drop the FREAKING dead vole. did i mention that last week she brought me this…yup, it’s 1/2 of a dead snake. she dropped it right in my lap while i was watching GOT. i might have screamed.


3.5 don’t worry the next day she brought this-


the other 1/2.

4- on a side note… she is pretty cute. ( even though she smells like dead vole)


5- so the middle, let’s take a second to acknowledge that she took the time this AM to write a thank you note, un-prompted. love that kid. anyway, the middle is entering HS next year and i know when the time comes she will need to have volunteer hours for NHS. three people have mentioned some mother and daughter volunteer thingy that apparently you must be invited into. hummmmm, they mentioned it, but failed to invite us. so, now i’m struggling. as of late i’ve been rather, well, outspoken about things. and maybe that has removed us from being potential members.  so now i feel bad and awful that, this wonderful daughter that i’ve raised, with the kindest heart will not get to be in the women’s volunteer club because i can’t keep my mouth shut. note to self, shut up.

6- the other day, i wore heels. yes, i actually put them on my feet and wore them. suddenly i felt very sad that, well, i don’t really get dressed anymore. i mean, yes…. three years ago i would have been in my yoga pants, or workout clothes, so the fact that i wear jeans and real shirts is a step in the right direction. buttttt….. i don’t really get dressed in cute clothes, and shoes and ear rings. I think after 15 years of heels i needed a break, and now… dare i say it out loud, i’m missing it. missing throwing a suit on and having a career. but then i spend the morning playing Lego avengers with the little one on the wii while doing laundry and i just can’t imagine doing that in heels and a suit. anyway…

7- THIS.

8- so, ummm…. i still haven’t seen 50 shades yet.

9- since i’m confessing things. i hate bacon.

10- i need a good BBQ- who’s in? oh wait- it’s going to rain for the next, well, forever. scratch that idea.

11- this week. SCHOOL IS OVER. people, i am actually looking forward to the summer.


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