monday monday…..

here’s the truth:

1- i hate to admit this out loud.. but whatever… i found a baby mouse in my garage and i can’t bring myself to set a trap for a baby. even better.. i know there is not just one, and i can’t bring myself to set a trap for baby, well… mice.

2- i need a part time job. ideas?

3-has anyone read THIS? i love it. i’m over parents that think their kids are perfect or are totally oblivious to poorly behaved kids and surprisingly there are a TON of them.

4- i tried to photograph my children while we were in FL. yeah. here’s a small sampling of what I got. Some days….. those kids push every button i have.

kids (1 of 1)-6 kids (1 of 1)-5

5- chips on my sandwich. yes, chips. i can’t stop. and they must be bbq.

6-this week i am going to grill pizza. wish me luck. i mean considering when i ask my family “1 to should i make this again 10” i usually score about a… well 4. have i mentioned i hate cooking?

7-i’m planning a little getaway with the hubby. CAN NOT TELL YOU HOW EXCITED I AM! but maybe the all caps gives it away?

8-the little dog… is obsessed with rolled socks. everyday, at least 6 times a day she helps herself to a pair of someones recently matched and put away socks. sometimes she chews on them and i want to scream, but most of the time she just slobbers on them, requiring me to re-wash them.

9-Today i bought my son everything he wanted. A new xbox, a car, some subs, he was so happy.

10- ^^^^ apparently my son has been sitting at my computer.. dreaming.

11- I feel like summer is gone. Is it gone? Is school starting soon? No really, why do I feel like summer over?Anyone…


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