friday’s findings-

here’s the truth:

1- i have to get back into blogging because, well.. i think it’s therapeutic. at least for me, you all may think i am cuckoo and i just might be, a little.

2-  i am still eating BBQ chips on my daily sandwich and yes Air Supply is still my goto station on pandora. also, i want a shaved ice machine. like REALLY want one!

3- grilled pizza, i failed to take an all done picture.. but it was awesome, and even the big liked it.

photo copy

4- found THIS  on my phone. oh and THIS( although i’m not sure if creepy is a strong enough word.)

5- THIS. what a great read and SO the truth.

6- Laaazzzyyy  day’s of summer. ps… that’s the puppy. she looks HUGE in this picture 😦

kids (1 of 1)-7

7- dear neighbor across the street who will remain nameless. thanks for not telling anyone that my puppy is a freak show and bails out the front door any chance she gets. thanks for not making me feel cray-cray when i SCREAMED( not angry scream.. scared scream) at the car coming down the street not to hit said crazy puppy, standing in the middle of the street without a care in the world. dear bigs’ lax friend who showed up.. with my dog? thanks for finding said puppy, who just minutes before you arrived almost got hit by a car. ugh….. dear cocoa- for the love, stay in the HOUSE.

8- my husband gave me an earful about giving up on my dream today. and well he is right. i always tell my kids “just ask, what’s the worse that can happen, they say no” yet i totally don’t follow my advice. here i am filling out job applications and whatnot instead of trying to follow my dream. instead of putting myself out there risking a big fat no. so i didn’t submit my job applications. i might have to actually put myself out there i taking pictures is what i want to do…  i hate when he’s right….

9- incase you were wondering – i have been saving all my snake pictures for one big snake blog. lies. i’m totally lying to you, but it has been so hard not to post snake pictures this summer, my yard is FULL of them and to date lawn mowing has not sent any snakes to heaven. whew….

11- this weekend. BIG PLANS. again, i’m lying. i got nada…..


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