Molly and the fam-

here’s the truth:

i am so sad that molly can be my little’s teacher like, just follow him from grade to grade.

the first time i photographed her girls i just followed them around, so arranging the whole family. well, nothing has changed in my family photography struggles…. but some of these, for all the wrong in them, i still love.

We’ll start with the girls-

ml (1 of 1) 2 ml (1 of 1)-3 3 ml (1 of 1)-6 2 ml (1 of 1)-5 2 ml (1 of 1)-3 2

ml (1 of 1)-12 ml (1 of 1)-11

ml (1 of 1)-54

and then add mom

ml (1 of 1)-50 ml (1 of 1)-49

and the whole fam

ml (1 of 1)-46  ml (1 of 1)-32 ml (1 of 1)-15 ml (1 of 1)-7 ml (1 of 1)-6

but of course i have to save my favorite for last…. dear tyson, thanks for being an awesome subject, you handsome devil you…

ml (1 of 1)-34


2 thoughts on “Molly and the fam-

  1. How do you not see your own skill? These are awesome! I’m sure they will cherish these photos….they’re so much better than our old school Olin Mills family pictures.

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