sunday, sunday…. oops … monday, monday.

here’s the truth:

1- i am both happy and sad that summer break is coming to an end.

2- the little and husband were “washing the car” yesterday.

aug15-1-6 aug15-1-5 aug15-1-4 aug15-1-3 aug15-1-2

3- i am fairly certain i bought a vampire dog. no really, she sleeps in the cool darkness of the house all day, and then rises at night to…. bark at anything…. dig in the compost… knock over the trash… only to sleep all day. she may in fact be the bane of my existence. but i still love her.

4-i’m teaching the big and middle about budget. i went to the store on the 15th, and then refused to go again until the 1st. they were starving. there was NOTHING to eat in the house. ( please know, there was plenty to eat, just nothing they wanted to eat) so i went to the store on the 1st, told them how much i spent and said, i’m not going back until the 15th…. don’t take the bag of chips to your room and then leave them there where  the dogs get it, or they become stale, because i am not buying another one. if your 6 friends are here and they eat all the poptarts and chips, thats on you.. i’m not buying any more. i know it’s a little late to teach them..the idea of cause and effect, of spending money and not having more until.. say payday. but.. better late than never i suppose.

5-did i mention that i haven’t slept in countless nights because i have a… FREAKING VAMPIRE DOG?

6-oh i have an announcement. i’ve changed my pandora station.i know, you’ve been waiting with bated breath to see if i would ever leave air supply. and well i have.. for james taylor.  and while i was walking said vampire THIS came on. dear cat.. i’ve missed you.

7-yesterday, i asked someone who was visiting the neighbors, to slow down. considering he took the corner so fast that he squealed his tires as he stepped on the gas rounding the corner and they had no traction. i watched him as i walked out of the house to exercise the when i happened upon him,  i totally asked him nicely, to slow down, his response- “keep walking fat bitch”, followed up with “you think you’re so cool you f*cking c**t” “you’re just a fn fat ass b ( and i’ve abbreviated here)  who don’t know nothing” and on and on and on. No really. what is wrong with people..did all that make him feel better? thankfully tho- the people he was visiting are gone. moved out. hasta la vista.

8- so this year i wanted to take 30 seniors. right now i’m at 15…. anyone know anyone? i’ve been handing out cards like crazy…. i must meet my goal, or at least come close trying.

9-my SIL is coming to hang with the big, middle, little, vampire, and old lady this weekend (while the husband and i drive away at the speed of light for our “first ever since the little” weekend get away). dare i disclose the nocturnal actives of the vampire to her?

10- i leave you with THIS. please, click on it. it.will.make.your.monday. i double dog dare you to click on it… do it.


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