friday’s findings-

here’s the truth

1-i haven’t turned the heat on in my house. currently, as i type this, i can not feel my fingers or my toes.

2- THIS. i love it. can’t get enough.go ahead, click on it. fall in love too.

3- people, getting up and getting dressed and putting on makeup and going to work, yeah, ummm the first week it was cool. 4 weeks in and i’m totally over it.

4- do i dare mention the broncos.. no really. totally mixed feelings.


6- So, i’ve been totally stressed lately. Like everything has stressed me out. money, kids, dogs, money, health. and i’ve realized that all those things are causing me not to sleep well, so now i’m cranky and stressed and tired. and i’ve been working hard and finding small things to really focus on. small things that normally i wouldn’t notice them, and seeing the good in the little things. i ran across THIS on Facebook. i’ve watched it 3 times now. i mean life is hard, but that life, i can’t imagine. so i think i’ve finally come to the realization that without the lows we would never, ever, recognize the highs. and something so small, as a piece of chocolate.. well that made all the difference in the world.  so i’m going to keep on looking for those small things…

7- i know i did not see SNOW in the forecast? snow. booooooooo.

8- i wanted to add a picture here. but yeah… ummm they want more money from me, the blog people that is, so they won’t let me upload any more data. jerks. so here’s this one again…

mr (1 of 1)-2


10- this time next week…. my sister will be here. forever. boom.

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