Wayyyy to close to Christmas-

Here’s the truth:

1- It’s way to close to Christmas. I’ve wrapped nothing. I’ve not really kept track of what I’ve purchased. I’ve just not prepared.

2- Like clock work every year, in the car when THIS comes on, someone turns it off. Like, do they not know that Christams without the Carpenters is.. well, just not Christmas?

3- And I’m going to say this because if I don’t, well… it just wouldn’t be my proper Christmas Blog with out it. CHRISTMAS CARDS CAN NOT BECOME EXTINCT. No really. Of all the traditions that go by the wayside this can not be one. People, get out there and mail your freaking cards.

4- This year to entertaintain the little, my oh so daring husband, ventured off to ToysRus and got the “BIG BOOK OF TOYS” and then handed that, a pair of scissors, glue, and a spiral note book to the little and said make a book for Santa. Ummmmm, yeeeaaaahhhhh. Days and days of cutting and gluing and cutting and gluing and well you get it and the it was declared DONE. So the little runs out the mailbox, puts the spiral binder into the mail box and brushes his hands. Off to santa the big book of lukes wishes goes! So now I am trying to figure out how in the hell to get the book out of the mailbox, before the mail comes, with a 5 year old staring out of the window. And I look at the clock and the mail comes in like 4 mins. AHHHHHHHH. Thankfully his attention span is as small as his bladder, so he leave his perch to pee and I run like a mad, silent stalker woman to the mail box to retrieve the FREAKING book, dash upstairs throw it in a dresser drawer that has, oh wait, I’ve been looking of those shorts for like, ever.. anyway and dash back downstairs, like nothing happened as the toilet flushes and the mail lady pulls up. The long and short of this story is that now, when the little see’s something at walt-mart, he’s like “oh I’m getting that box of uglyiest little pet shops,” and I’m like, “oh are you”, and he’s like “yup, I put it in my book” FUUUUDDGGEEEEE he now thinks everything in that damn book will be delivered by santa. So looking into his eyes, to further perpetuate the “santa” lie I tell him, ” Dude, santa can’t bring you everything in your book or he won’t have room for other kids’ stuff. And remember, there are kids that don’t have as many things as you and santa is their only hope to get some cool things”. Not sure that sank in.


5- For those who don’t know, my sister finally made it back to good ol’ colorado. Know what that means… the little wants to hang with her boys like, EVERY waking hour, of every free moment. The other night, he came home say, 3:30 ish. At 5:45 he said he was going to bed, and when I went to check on him at 6:15 he was out cold. Dear Nephews, thanks for tiring him out, because of you I was actually able to sit down and watch Interstellar. Start.TO.Finish. Here’s my shout out to tri-tip from HERE. Go get some, NOW.

6-WHY. oh why are spiced gum drops so freaking good. I can’t seem to leave the store with out a bag.

7- Because i bought the little dog, who’s time clock wakes me up at 5:45 I’ve been blessed with seeing the sunrise. Man, that’s one of those things people take for granted. For a moment the world is still and the sky is a medley of pink and orange and blue and it’s freaking awesome.

8-speaking of the little dog. my tree is skirtless. no really. i have a skirt, but every time i put it down, she grabs is, runs outside with it and makes it a bed.

9- dear walmart shopper. i love you. LIFE.CHANGING. no really, order on line, select a pick up time, drive up, they load groceries, you drive away. mind.blown.

10- this week well, you know, merry merry and all that stuff!



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