thursdays thoughts

here’s the truth:

i failed last year..  but… it’s a new year so,  here we go.

1- THIS. i can’t get enough. replay. i think despite the totally annoying repetition- there are lines of sheer brilliance that just, speak to me. how well do you know me? can you pick out my favorite line? i’ll tell you at the end.

2- i didn’t share my littles report card with him. does that make me bad? i’m totally struggling with it. pretty much, it says he’s a great kid. i tell him that all the time. his teacher does a wonderful job of making each child feel special, and despite his pushing my buttons, he’s a wonderful, kind, helpful kid at school. (except for art and p.e  where he apparently is only ok, but whatever.) i just don’t want him to get a big head and think he is perfect in school, because there is always work to do.always things to learn and places for improvement. hummmm.. yeah, i’m struggling with it.

3- the big moved to the basement, and suddenly.. i might actually like him. last year, with him, almost killed me off. but now he’s more… “here” if you will. it’s crazy because i made the decision to take him out of the “box”. you know the box of… kids should (insert societal dictated norm here)  you know be this..  have this gpa… this act score, so on and so forth. but i’m well just letting him be him. i can’t stress about him not conforming to fit in the box. can’t stress about college, or test or hell tomorrow for that matter. seems like i spent last year stressing about grades, and eligibility, and you know what.. i’m done with all that. hands washed of it. so what if he doesn’t go to….yale, or even CU for that matter. i finally just have to trust that it will all work out in the long run.he has to have some skin in the game, want it, not me wanting it for him. he does still have certain expectation he has to meet, and goals, and yes i still parent him.but i don’t stress, and he and i, well we do much better now.

4-James Corden… Carpool Karaoke. Have you watched? Oh well, I have. EVERY.SINGLE.ONE. ❤ ( i might have just watched a few again)

5- and while i’m confessing things… at the sweet age of 40 i suddenly have bieber fever. yup. it’s confirmed.

6-so i started this blog on wednesday hoping to have it done by thursday… umm yeah, today is friday, oops. how about this.. today is actually monday, ummm yeah.. i gotta get my poop in a group.

7-  this weekend i binge watched the final season of i also bawled like a baby in like, every episode. so good.

8-confession, i still have not seen star wars. no really… that needs to happen. like pronto.

9-“the rest of the world was black and white, we were in screaming color”

~ “we were built to fall apart, then back together”

~ “when the sun came up you were looking at me”

10- i also love this. like LOVE. this kid is so freaking awesome.

11- these are my, “i’m going to vegas and you’re not flowers”…


12- on sunday, i was putzing around the house.. picking up, but not really cleaning, and the little and his dad were messing around in the other room, i had my phone on kidzbop pandora.. the little loves to listen to music, you know, the standards… what ever is on the radio. all the sudden i hear THIS. i had to stop dead. no way kidzbop pandora would pick that song. score one for the hubby, way to introduce good music to the little. although i’m not sure how impressed he was, i was loving it.

13- this weekend…yeah. BRONCO’s. here we go!


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