Thursdays Thoughts-

here’s the truth:

1- i haven’t been using my camera near enough. which to be honest happens all the time during the winter.

2- THIS. because well… THIS.

3- i think next week… it will be random act of kindness week. who wants to join me? i need some goodness right now.

4-today i plugged in “women of country” into my pandora stations. amen people, pandora got something right. it was so awesome. everything from THIS and THIS to THIS and THIS. ❤

5-the little has been b boxing… like to every song. one day i hope to catch this on video- it’s too freaking funny, annnndddd at the same time i whisper to myself, please stop.

6- THESE. i must be ready for summer.

7- yes.. i am ready for summer, i neeeeeddddd summer.

8- Can someone please tell me why every holiday is about.. candy? no really? dear candy, go away, except those gum eggs, those can stay.

9-these are the last two photos i’ve taken….jan16-1-5IMG_1349

10- this weekend. i need to sleep. but i feel like no matter if i need sleep or not, it just doesn’t happen.  so….this weekend, i  need a beach and a fruity drink, oh who am i kidding.. this weekend.. laundry.


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