sunday’s mutterings….

here’s the truth:

1- so today is day 1 of spring. the snow has not melted from friday…. dear spring, please hurry.

2-yet another spring break and we are doing.. zilch. but honestly, i’m okay with that.

3-it’s official. my “mom” job has been well… lets just say i’m failing. no one has any clean clothes, and if they do they are piled in a huge heap in the chair in the master bedroom so they can’t find them. i’ve not made dinner in…well… days. i’ve also not had any suggestions when people ask, “what’s for dinner”. Last week i went Pinterest crazy and found all these awesome crockpot meals and ordered everything for them on my wal-mart shopper account. i then drove to wal-mart, they loaded my bags of Pinterest crockpot magic into my car. it was awesome. i came home ready to slay dinner for the week and my middle reminded me she doesn’t like tomatoes. yeah, so ummm, THIS and THIS and THIS.. yeah they all have tomatoes in them. so like a truly mature adult, i just pretended dinner didn’t exist for the week.


5- so the guy above was sick. people, if you haven’t volunteered in a classroom, you should. you should so you can see why sending your kid to school, even with a cold sucks for everyone else in the room. i’m not going to lie to you… i use to just send them on their way when i had a really busy, unforgiving job. but after being in the class room, i can tell you.. gross. and if one of them has it, no doubt the rest of them will get it. things i witnessed this year… coughing with no cover. no elbow, no hand, no.. anything. and they sit at tables, so you cough and it goes right to entire table. sneezing and the unsuspecting rush of snot from the nose…down the face, past the lips, almost hanging off the chin- and so the quick dart to the kleenex box begins, hand cupped. and i watch as they use 4 kleenex, throw them away and go sit at their table. no clean hands. nope, those snotty gross hands just run right back to the community table, and begin spreading the love. but my favorite of all time the best thing ever, the thing that makes me gag  every time i’m there, the pick. the pick and saunter over to the kleenex box- the pick saunter over get a kleenex and then…. wait for it… do they use the kleenex nope.. you know what they do.i’m not going to say it out loud because the mere thought of it make me gag. after they’ve, done what the do with said booger, they use the kleenex to dry of the finger.. that oh so gently placed that nasty you know what into their mouth. meanwhile i’ve had to excuse myself to dry heave somewhere. anyway, some how i feel like i’ve gotten off on a  tangent- returning to my orginal point- please know that just a runny nose, can be so. much.more.

6- for the last 6 months my acoustic guitar has had a broken string. when i finally made it to the guitar store 4 months ago, i totally put the strings, well, “someplace safe”. you know, the place you put things so you WON’T lose them, and then can never find them again. i found them! so for the last 6 day’s i’ve been torturing  the little with my mad guitar playing skills- ok so i have no mad guitar playing skills but i like to pretend i do. also he’s done hearing this  and this via my guitar.

7-shameless promoting of my big HERE. if you are from the greater colorado springs area, come, check it out. tickets available here.  they will also be HERE in April.   help us fundraise with out selling butter braids, or candy bar’s, or discount cards no one ever uses…..

8- i wish i could get into this. but i can’’s like at first i’m grooving, and digging it, and then she’ll make some weird noise, or scream and that will totally pull me out of my groove and then i’m like. done.

9- dear game of thrones. start already.

10-my brother had twins yesterday. i’m so darn excited for them. makes me want another one… psych. i mean kinda, no- no  i don’t. i mean it would be fun but, no- erase that thought…


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