soooo, it’s thursday ….

Here’s the truth:

1- i’m sitting here listening to THIS and a little of THIS. yes. i know, frown if you will. but still one of the best evenings of my life with my middle.

2- i deleted this number. do i want to say it.. yes.. but i just haven’t gotten it right.. so maybe next blog. but

3-i saw a post about an act that is coming to a bar in town and suddenly i was like… 22 again. but then i got up from this computer and the 2.5 miles i ran this morning reminded me that i am more like 41….

4- THIS.

5- So THIS is making it’s way around the internet. ❤

6- i need THIS but can’t find it.. HELP!


7- Fun in the sun day…


8- THIS is on repeat…. go ahead, put it on repeat too….

9- Here’s to  lax playoffs…..and this kid and his team-


10- this weekend -parties and brunch yummm -oh and school is ALMOST out.. not sure if i’m ready….or not.






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