Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- Happy Halloween! We live on like the busiest street EVER for Halloween. Pretty sure we go through like 5 of the HUGE bags of candy, and then I start stealing from the kids.

2- Facebook reminded me that I have 4, seriously 4, friends who were born on Halloween. Pretty cool.

3-Sometimes I need to remember this-


4- So last night, I went up to my old high school, sat in the cafeteria, and listened to the lacrosse coach talk about the upcoming season.  Then he had his two senior captains talk about apparel. Hows that for making one feel old. Better yet, then they passed out the flyer with the web address to order said apparel. Ummm… so I like get to pay, 150 for a weight training camp, 100 to the school for athletic fees, 150 for additional lacrosse fee’s, buy some apparel, buy a “boat coat” and then we get to play lacrosse. How’s that for making you feel old and broke!

5- Oh and did I mention….. in the mail I got a letter from the music department that if my big is going to sing and dance over spring break, that I need to send in my first installment of the $800 I owe for said trip?

6- Hey CMHS, I just ran out of checks… sorry.

7-Did  I mention that I have been listening to GNR’s for the past three days on pandora.. which means I’ve also been getting Poison, AcDC, Motley Crue, and a whole bunch of others that I love. Yes, I may in fact be a big hair band groupie.

8- This morning I was sitting on the couch finishing my book, while the little watched a some TV. And suddenly I smelled it, rotten milk. It was awful.  So I smelled: the little.. nope. every cushion of the couch… nope. the chocolate milk cup…nope. Back to the little.. nope. IT WAS DRIVING ME CRAZY. Then it hit me.. under the couch., there is was, a sippy cup from.. god knows when. I think I just finally got that awful smell out of my nose thanks to some bleach. GROSS.

9- So.. snow on Tuesday. I will now officially enter the winter funk.

10- This weekend…. YES. The hubby comes home, AHHHHHHHHH

Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- So last week I threw up a picture of my sister and I from years ago on facebook since it is ” throw back thursday”- The middle says to me ” mom you have to # (hashtag) TBT or it’s like, not cool”. Alllllllll righty then. So fine, I just posted another pic on facebook and used a #. No really, I did. Now I totally feel like the people Jimmy and Justin are making fun of in THIS.

2- But seriously I will not get sucked in to the hastag world. #imthecoolestmomever #dontuknow #itsgottabeme

3-So, I have been rocking this cold for a week now. Husband leaves, cold attacks. #gofigure #ineedsomenyquil #theNightimeSnifflingSneezingCoughingAchingStuffyheadFeverSoYouCanRestMedicine

4-  Do you love Game of Thrones- Then check THIS out- so funny. #omg #GOTrocks #yougottaseethis

5-Bragging about my kid moment- too.darn.handsome I loved watching him perform last night, I still love watching him play lax more though..well maybe it is a tie. #proudestmomever




6- With this cold I have, eating just hasn’t sounded good. I’ve just been downing peppermint tea since it cools my throat, but then I saw THIS blog. Can someone please make this for me? #soup#itdoesabodygood #thatsmilk #whatever

7-I read THIS blog. Remember my rant last week. Well then I read No 11. And while I am not changing my opinion, perhaps I should keep it to myself. #ifyouhavenothingnicetosay #somethingsarebetterleftunsaid

8- What do you think of the new look? I’m not sold on it. I kinda like it, but then I kinda don’t. It’s almost too girly for me.  #decisionsdecisionsdecisions

9- So I have this big moniter that I always edit my pic’s on and the middle did something to it. So now it is all fuzzy and not crisp? Anyone know how to fix it? #imsonottechsavy #fuzzysucks #missmymoniter

10-This weekend- T.I.G.E.R.S HOCKEY. #blackandyellowblackandyellow #youknowwhatitis

~#kml-w #ilovetotakepictures  #timeforchristmaspictures #geterdone #enoughtwiththehashtags

Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- No really, is it already Thursday?

2- I still haven’t unpacked from our trip to Steamboat Springs.

3- Oh by the way… did I mention I saw these: I’m in LOVE. Can I have one, please please please?



4- So, on a serious note, if you haven’t been to Steamboat.. you should go. It’s A-MAZ-ING.


5- I did however learn that 6, 14 year olds… in one room…. equals HUGE mess.

6- So I pulled my electric can open off the counter, I just felt like I had to much.. stuff  on my counter. I  realized.. it’s faster and easier to just use the hand twisty one. I know, totally random thought.

7- Just put THIS on my phone. Thanks Stacey for the idea.

8- So the little took a digger in the road yesterday. Totally scraped up his knee with some serious road rash. Now, he refuses to walk. No seriously, he’s all.. Mom can you pick me upa, my leg isn’t wuuurrking. And then I ask him which leg, at which point and time he can’t remember which leg isn’t wuuuurking, but he’s pretty sure he can’t walk. To whom do I owe the thanks for delivering me a drama queen?

9-I totally just remembered I left my bourbon slush in the freezer in Steamboat. DAMN. DOUBLE DAMN.

10- So I totally want to put a picture I took  on this facebook page, because they pick, like, weekly favorites. Bad thing is they want you to put your facebook page up there, and your website up there too. So I was snooping around at last weeks favorites, and all the people have like, 1500 likes on their page and their website is awesome. I have ummmm 30 likes on my facebook page, and well… no website. Scratch that idea.

11- My head has been hurting for roughly two weeks now. I think it’s because I have SOOOOO much freaking hair and it is always in a pony tail. So today I have decided that I will not wear it in a pony tail, of course I would pick the windiest day EVER. Have I mentioned that I LOATHE hair stuck in my lipgloss?  Headache/ hairy lipgloss.. choices choices?

12- This weekend. Nope no lacrosse. Ahhhhhhh, but we will be driving to Denver for a family birthday. Whatever, a clean house, and clean clothes are over rated. Family is far more fun than chores!

Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- My goal was to have photo entry every week… failed. So here we are, already Thursday.

2-Spring Break at home. Lame.

3-I know I’ve been screaming for sun and warmth, and overall springish weather. Today I’d be happy with some rain. Actually A LOT of rain. Everything here is still winter dead and it’s bringing me down.

4-So I made THESE from my pinterest board- dinner. AHH MAZZZ ING.

5- I will now embark on obtaining passports for my family. Well, for the kids. Wish me luck.

6- So… Have I mentioned that the little won’t go in the potty.  Have I further mentioned that he hate’ s to have clean pants. How’s this for unusual- when we left the house, he had to take the dirty pants with him. Maybe now you can see why I said three might drive me insane in this post.


7- So I’ve been all over pinterest and a million photography websites. Guess what I’m not all about….the staged pictures. I mean, there are some that are super cute. Like little girls having a tea party. Cute I like it. But then I look at some and the sets are like super elaborate, with banners and chairs, all in the middle of the forest? Not me. I’d rather boys with sticks poking at a pond or a stream, throwing rocks in the water or chasing each other;  than boys on a piano bench, next to an easel with a chalk board on it in, next to a collection of antique toy trucks all the middle of the woods? Anyway, for some odd reason that has been weighing on my mind.

8-Quickest way to ruin a day….realizing that you bought Fat Free Creamer….ugh.


9- So….. I hate to unload the dishwasher. I mean, I loathe it, to the point that I will just not do the dishes because the dishes in the washer are clean. Yup… that’s me. Sink full of dishes because I don’t want to unload the dishwasher. My husband is contemplating leaving. Ok, not really.. but add in my hatred for putting away folded laundry, and you can see where I’m going with this…

10- Sometimes we forget these things:


10- So I’ve been living vicariously through THIS blog. You should too. It makes me REALLY want to travel.

11- So, yes I know I just said so, but I like the word so, SOOOOO.. I’ve been rethinking the 20 yr reunion thing, thanks to a wonderfully kind and thoughtful person.. maybe just maybe I could go…..

11- This weekend..Easter and that means Brunch! ( Yes I know the true meaning of Easter too) YUMMM. So, can I wear the boots, you know, THE BOOTS, with a black wrap dress, or do I have to break out heels? I loathe heels..maybe I should put them in the dishwasher.


Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- I am regressing. For the past week I have not gotten out of sweat/yoga/swishswish pants. That’s right, I’ve failed to get dressed. Ugh. And I was doing so well.

2- I hate when people hurt my feelings. It’s like, I end up thinking about it all the time. “Why would they hurt my feelings like that? What did I do to deserve to have my feelings hurt like that? ” What a total waste. I need to kick myself in my own arse and forget about it.

3- Guess what comes out tomorrow. Boom- Les Mis

4-So my mom and dad started the diet… guess what came home with me?


If you know my family, inside this bag is my dad’s popcorn. He still makes in in the pan, on the stove, with oil.

100% goodness in this bag.


5- Unless you are three, and then this is what you want to do with it:



6- Yup, I made them. For once my family actually ate everything I made…


7- THIS song is super old, but lately I can’t get ENOUGH of it. Go ahead click the link.

8- This looks so good. Could be that I am starving right now….Cheesy Cauliflower Noodles

9- Can we talk TV for a minute:

American Idol- total let down this season. I’m not really IN LOVE with anyone. Well maybe Kree.

Scandal- Please come back on. I miss you.

The Following- LOVE IT!

Splash- WTF? seriously???

Glee- LAME. C’ mon now.. use to be so witty, and funny, and gross, and awesome all at the same time. Now it’s just lame. But I did love this.... oh and this

10-I still have NEW something fever. HELP.

11- I did in fact just pick up my little’s left over toaster strudel, from breakfast, and finish it off.  (While I sit here and type this in my pj’s) Say it with me, I NEED A LIFE.

12- Can you have too many photographs in your house? Seriously, I need an answer, this is not just a rhetorical question. So please someone, answer.


Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- Holla for the weather today and tomorrow!!

2- Found a cluster of these in my otherwise dead front flower bed. Gave me hope for spring!!!DSC_7152

3- If you look up obstinate in the dictionary:


4- I’m pretty sure 3 is going to drive me insane. Not only does the little like to have the poo poo in his pants and refuse to let the peepee out in the potty; as of late just depending on his mood something/someone will suddenly go from being his FAVORITE thing to yucky. Example: The middle walks down the stairs in the morning ” Sister MaaaI love you, you my bessft frein”. Sister Maaaa walks in the house after school: “AHHHHHHHHH i don’t liiiilke sister maaaa, she’s llluuuucckkky”  No really. High pitched ear piercing scream. Get settled in to watch our favorite show, Justen Time, and just as it starts, “AHHHHHHHHHHHH I don’t llliiiike Justen Time, it’s LLLLUUUUCCCKKY.” Save.ME.

5- The Digest Diet…. willing to give it a try, anyone else?

6-I have “NEW SOMETHING” fever. New dog.New car. New House.. last time I had this feeling we ended up with the little. I’m thinking I should shake this feeling IMMEDIATELY.

7- So I took my middle and her two friends to the mall on Saturday. My middle put her large bright green wallet in her pocket and it fell out. It had ALL her money in it (upwards of 150.00). Of course, no one turned it in. So the three girls and I talked about it on the ride home; if you found a five dollar bill what do you do? I said I’d keep it, but if I found a 100 dollar bill, I’d turn it in. We all decided that we would ABSOLUTELY turn in the entire wallet. Sadly she learned that a majority of  people suck and they aren’t honest. We checked three times with the lost and found, over a span of two days and no one turned it in. So sad. Freaking dishonest people. I know for a fact I am raising better kids than that.

9- Ok, really… This is not my “style” of cooking. Does wal-mart even sell goat cheese? But I really want to try these? Maybe I should make the trek to Whole Foods and get lost in the goodness of that place whilst spending hundreds of dollars? I think for these, the trip will be worth it.

10- So I’ve been trying to find a…. well let’s just say, last hoorah dessert, before I start the above diet and nothing is really sounding… awesome. Then I remembered THESE. My other sister in law brought these to my attention a little over a year ago. I’m going to the store now. Well as soon as I finish reading THIS blog. I. Love. It. Might be my new favorite, or should I say favourite. Hell, living vicariously through her blog may just curb my longing for a beach. Or not.

11-This weekend- Boom- LAX starts!!!!


Thursday’s Thoughts

Here’s the truth:

1-SNOW DAY!!!!









2- So lets talk a minute about my middle’s snow suit. Yes, in fact is is a full blown snow suit, leisure belt included. I know this because I too use to wear that snow suit. Matter of fact I use to have this grey puffalump mouse:

So I started calling the dreaded suit the puffalump suit. However, my middle, she doesn’t care…she’s secure enough in who she is that she wears the puffalump suit with pride. Love that kid.

3- There actually isn’t that much snow, but it’s enough to make us happy that there is finally some sort of winter precipitation!

4- American Idol- Hummmm lame. So disappointed.

5- The Bachelor has now sent home my 2 favorite girls. Whatever Sean.

6- Loved this weeks photography class with Allison.


I love that his face is blurry but his tattoo is totally in focus….


7- I was totally pumped to get home, and take some awesome shots of my middle, since I’m actually figuring out my camera…

Alas, I over exposed ALL of them.



8- So I was looking around on Amazon Prime on my Kindle for some new TV series to watch, and I happened across America’s Next Top Model Season, like 10… I’m freaking addicted. I think there are like 20 or so seasons….

9- So, I looked at my twitter account, to much work involved. Then I got an instagram account, again, to much work involved.

10- This weekend I WILL fold all the laundry and put it away. I WILL…