thursday’s thoughts-

here’s the truth:

1- sometimes, i lose an entire day doing… who knows what. no seriously, i look and it’s 8:05 AM, and then when I look again it’s 2:40 and well, i’m just not sure what i’ve done.

2- the little is not about school. well, i mean he is once he gets there and gets established, but until then. he’s a ball of tears and “mom i’m going to miss you”. i let him skip last week to swim with his cousins from NY and now he wants to play “the hooky” every day. today though, he was excited to go, with limited “almost tears”.

3- THIS. who says life can’t be fun.

4-THIS too.



6- so i plugged in “push” by matchbox 20 into my pandora… suddenly i’m in my 20s again. not sure if i feel rejuvenated by the music and the nostalgic sensation i have, or just FN old.

7-so this week i tweeked something in my neck/back and haven’t really been able to turn my neck for about 4 days. needless to say i’ve been bathing in icy/hot, but the worst part of the entire situation.. i can’t put my own hair in a pony. no really, i had to ask a wonderful lady dropping of a lax check to put my hair in a pony before i ripped it all out. and let me tell you i was hesitant to rip it all out considering i just spent good money getting it cut and colored.

8-so i’ve heard man in the mirror on the radio like, 10 times in the last week. is someone sending me a message? you know like, maybe, “if you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and then make the change. you gotta get it right while you got the time cuz when you close your heart then you close your. your mind, dance break, if you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and then make the change, whhhoo whooo whooo.” oh sorry. just had to add those since they are my FAV part of the song.



10- this weekend…. fun. that’s really all that needs to happen. FUN.

10 things i’d like to say to my sweet, sweet high school freshman

dear sweet freshman,

you made it. somehow you emerged out of  middle school/jr high unscathed.

you’re still kind and loving. your life is drama free and your friends are real. they may not be the cool kids, they may not have a “name” for their clan of cronies, but what they are is true to you, to themselves and that is worth so much more than you will ever know.

i feel like i am sending you into the wild with the wolves.  into the great outdoors after being held in a small wildlife preserve. even though i know they are really only bitches armed with too much eyeliner and draped in hollister and american eagle from head to toe. i still feel like i have abandoned you in the wild with only a pony tail holder and a jansport backpack, so i think i should share a few things with you.

  1. the boys. yes, some of them look like actual men, but they are still boys. stay away from them. all of them. ok, no really it’s human nature to love the quarterback,but guess what, the second string soccer player with the 4.5 gpa who wears sport goggles and maybe isn’t on the “a” list of cool kids, well he’s kind and he makes you feel so good about yourself. so yeah, it’s human nature to like him too. remind your heart to listen to your head sometimes. boys will come and go. some one them know all the right things to say and sometimes they have no idea what to say, so if you like one, let them know. don’t hold out hoping they will notice you.
  2.  eyeliner. there is a right way to wear it, and a trashy way. when/if you ever want to wear it, let me know. i’d rather you wear it the right way. there is plenty of time in your 20’s to wear.. trashy.
  3. friends. if a friend stops hanging out with you to hang out with someone “cooler”let them. wave as they walk away, they were never really your friend to begin with. if you make a new friend who is… cooler.. invite your other friends to hang with you, if the new friend isn’t down, wave goodbye, she won’t ever be a real friend. always support your friends. go to their plays, soccer games, band performance.
  4. yep. i said it. you are smart and guess what. that is ok. don’t hide it, don’t play it down. it’s awesome that you are smart.
  5. you.are.beautiful. with no make up, hair in a pony. you are beautiful with out trying. count your blessing. there are some people that need a little extra to make them beautiful. don’t ever let someone tell you that you aren’t. and don’t ever shuffle in front of a mirror wondering if you are beautiful enough because you are.
  6. it’s ok to be smart and beautiful. it’s also ok to be humble. it’s ok to be kind.   i can’t say it enough, humility is so important. know your worth and help other find theirs.
  7. the “cool” kids. they have a host of their own problems. so really, they aren’t as cool as they think they are. just find your people and be true to them. let the cool kids have each other and the drama that surrounds them.
  8. stay true to yourself. don’t forget who you are on the inside. a lot of things about you will change in high school, but that warm,kind,loving soul that you have. that will never change. don’t let the small troublesome things overwhelm you. give them a good cry and send them on their way.’s ok to cry about a boy, a friend, a grade. life is a learning lesson and sometimes things just, well, suck. and sometimes in high school, when your friend suddenly isn’t your friend anymore or you didn’t make the varsity team, it seems like never ending suckage, but it will end. and as much as i hate the saying, there is light at the end of the tunnel.and believe me if you think high school is awesome. college is ten fold better. no really. it is.
  9. … (see no 1) it doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing when it comes to.. yes, i’m going to say it out loud.. SEX. remember its only about you.  what you want to do, how far you want to take it, and every one else can.. well for lack of a better term STFU. and i mean every.letter.of.that.acronym. because when you do things, you can’t take them back. so make sure you’ve thought about them, the reprocussions and all that…. i’ll stop now. well actually, let’s just contiue this on to drinking and all that stuff too, hormones/boys/drinking all together is a serious recipes for trouble. see no 4.
  10. no really, high school is so much fun. it’s about growth and trying new things, and meeting new people, and well, fun. (eyeliner optional) so get out there. try it. do it. who cares what other people think, drag those awesome friends from middle school with you to the dance, football game, school play. try it all and have fun doing it.

xoxo- mom

sunday, sunday…. oops … monday, monday.

here’s the truth:

1- i am both happy and sad that summer break is coming to an end.

2- the little and husband were “washing the car” yesterday.

aug15-1-6 aug15-1-5 aug15-1-4 aug15-1-3 aug15-1-2

3- i am fairly certain i bought a vampire dog. no really, she sleeps in the cool darkness of the house all day, and then rises at night to…. bark at anything…. dig in the compost… knock over the trash… only to sleep all day. she may in fact be the bane of my existence. but i still love her.

4-i’m teaching the big and middle about budget. i went to the store on the 15th, and then refused to go again until the 1st. they were starving. there was NOTHING to eat in the house. ( please know, there was plenty to eat, just nothing they wanted to eat) so i went to the store on the 1st, told them how much i spent and said, i’m not going back until the 15th…. don’t take the bag of chips to your room and then leave them there where  the dogs get it, or they become stale, because i am not buying another one. if your 6 friends are here and they eat all the poptarts and chips, thats on you.. i’m not buying any more. i know it’s a little late to teach them..the idea of cause and effect, of spending money and not having more until.. say payday. but.. better late than never i suppose.

5-did i mention that i haven’t slept in countless nights because i have a… FREAKING VAMPIRE DOG?

6-oh i have an announcement. i’ve changed my pandora station.i know, you’ve been waiting with bated breath to see if i would ever leave air supply. and well i have.. for james taylor.  and while i was walking said vampire THIS came on. dear cat.. i’ve missed you.

7-yesterday, i asked someone who was visiting the neighbors, to slow down. considering he took the corner so fast that he squealed his tires as he stepped on the gas rounding the corner and they had no traction. i watched him as i walked out of the house to exercise the when i happened upon him,  i totally asked him nicely, to slow down, his response- “keep walking fat bitch”, followed up with “you think you’re so cool you f*cking c**t” “you’re just a fn fat ass b ( and i’ve abbreviated here)  who don’t know nothing” and on and on and on. No really. what is wrong with people..did all that make him feel better? thankfully tho- the people he was visiting are gone. moved out. hasta la vista.

8- so this year i wanted to take 30 seniors. right now i’m at 15…. anyone know anyone? i’ve been handing out cards like crazy…. i must meet my goal, or at least come close trying.

9-my SIL is coming to hang with the big, middle, little, vampire, and old lady this weekend (while the husband and i drive away at the speed of light for our “first ever since the little” weekend get away). dare i disclose the nocturnal actives of the vampire to her?

10- i leave you with THIS. please, click on it. it.will.make.your.monday. i double dog dare you to click on it… do it.


Molly and the fam-

here’s the truth:

i am so sad that molly can be my little’s teacher like, just follow him from grade to grade.

the first time i photographed her girls i just followed them around, so arranging the whole family. well, nothing has changed in my family photography struggles…. but some of these, for all the wrong in them, i still love.

We’ll start with the girls-

ml (1 of 1) 2 ml (1 of 1)-3 3 ml (1 of 1)-6 2 ml (1 of 1)-5 2 ml (1 of 1)-3 2

ml (1 of 1)-12 ml (1 of 1)-11

ml (1 of 1)-54

and then add mom

ml (1 of 1)-50 ml (1 of 1)-49

and the whole fam

ml (1 of 1)-46  ml (1 of 1)-32 ml (1 of 1)-15 ml (1 of 1)-7 ml (1 of 1)-6

but of course i have to save my favorite for last…. dear tyson, thanks for being an awesome subject, you handsome devil you…

ml (1 of 1)-34


friday’s findings-

here’s the truth:

1- i have to get back into blogging because, well.. i think it’s therapeutic. at least for me, you all may think i am cuckoo and i just might be, a little.

2-  i am still eating BBQ chips on my daily sandwich and yes Air Supply is still my goto station on pandora. also, i want a shaved ice machine. like REALLY want one!

3- grilled pizza, i failed to take an all done picture.. but it was awesome, and even the big liked it.

photo copy

4- found THIS  on my phone. oh and THIS( although i’m not sure if creepy is a strong enough word.)

5- THIS. what a great read and SO the truth.

6- Laaazzzyyy  day’s of summer. ps… that’s the puppy. she looks HUGE in this picture 😦

kids (1 of 1)-7

7- dear neighbor across the street who will remain nameless. thanks for not telling anyone that my puppy is a freak show and bails out the front door any chance she gets. thanks for not making me feel cray-cray when i SCREAMED( not angry scream.. scared scream) at the car coming down the street not to hit said crazy puppy, standing in the middle of the street without a care in the world. dear bigs’ lax friend who showed up.. with my dog? thanks for finding said puppy, who just minutes before you arrived almost got hit by a car. ugh….. dear cocoa- for the love, stay in the HOUSE.

8- my husband gave me an earful about giving up on my dream today. and well he is right. i always tell my kids “just ask, what’s the worse that can happen, they say no” yet i totally don’t follow my advice. here i am filling out job applications and whatnot instead of trying to follow my dream. instead of putting myself out there risking a big fat no. so i didn’t submit my job applications. i might have to actually put myself out there i taking pictures is what i want to do…  i hate when he’s right….

9- incase you were wondering – i have been saving all my snake pictures for one big snake blog. lies. i’m totally lying to you, but it has been so hard not to post snake pictures this summer, my yard is FULL of them and to date lawn mowing has not sent any snakes to heaven. whew….

11- this weekend. BIG PLANS. again, i’m lying. i got nada…..


monday monday…..

here’s the truth:

1- i hate to admit this out loud.. but whatever… i found a baby mouse in my garage and i can’t bring myself to set a trap for a baby. even better.. i know there is not just one, and i can’t bring myself to set a trap for baby, well… mice.

2- i need a part time job. ideas?

3-has anyone read THIS? i love it. i’m over parents that think their kids are perfect or are totally oblivious to poorly behaved kids and surprisingly there are a TON of them.

4- i tried to photograph my children while we were in FL. yeah. here’s a small sampling of what I got. Some days….. those kids push every button i have.

kids (1 of 1)-6 kids (1 of 1)-5

5- chips on my sandwich. yes, chips. i can’t stop. and they must be bbq.

6-this week i am going to grill pizza. wish me luck. i mean considering when i ask my family “1 to should i make this again 10” i usually score about a… well 4. have i mentioned i hate cooking?

7-i’m planning a little getaway with the hubby. CAN NOT TELL YOU HOW EXCITED I AM! but maybe the all caps gives it away?

8-the little dog… is obsessed with rolled socks. everyday, at least 6 times a day she helps herself to a pair of someones recently matched and put away socks. sometimes she chews on them and i want to scream, but most of the time she just slobbers on them, requiring me to re-wash them.

9-Today i bought my son everything he wanted. A new xbox, a car, some subs, he was so happy.

10- ^^^^ apparently my son has been sitting at my computer.. dreaming.

11- I feel like summer is gone. Is it gone? Is school starting soon? No really, why do I feel like summer over?Anyone…


monday, monday-

Here’s the truth:

1- Rain Rain GO AWAY. no really. it’s green here-your work is done. I’m over you. (PERIOD)

2- I read this blog about things people wish other people would stop doing, on FB, in texts, on blogs and one of those things-I just did. yup. just to annoy the lady, whom i’ve never met, nor will i ever meet, but what ev’s- oh wait i just did another one. man, i’m feeling saucy today.

3- Guess what.. the FN puppy ate a dead vole today. yes… i heard her crunching the bones, and loving every second.                 ::::::::GROSS::::::::::

on second thought, thank god for the rain today, that way all the people in my neighbor hood weren’t outside to hear me screaming at the dog to, well let’s see, leave it. or maybe drop it. or better yet COME. freaking puppy.  i honestly spent the better part of twenty minutes ( IN THE RAIN) trying to get the dog on a leash and then to drop the FREAKING dead vole. did i mention that last week she brought me this…yup, it’s 1/2 of a dead snake. she dropped it right in my lap while i was watching GOT. i might have screamed.


3.5 don’t worry the next day she brought this-


the other 1/2.

4- on a side note… she is pretty cute. ( even though she smells like dead vole)


5- so the middle, let’s take a second to acknowledge that she took the time this AM to write a thank you note, un-prompted. love that kid. anyway, the middle is entering HS next year and i know when the time comes she will need to have volunteer hours for NHS. three people have mentioned some mother and daughter volunteer thingy that apparently you must be invited into. hummmmm, they mentioned it, but failed to invite us. so, now i’m struggling. as of late i’ve been rather, well, outspoken about things. and maybe that has removed us from being potential members.  so now i feel bad and awful that, this wonderful daughter that i’ve raised, with the kindest heart will not get to be in the women’s volunteer club because i can’t keep my mouth shut. note to self, shut up.

6- the other day, i wore heels. yes, i actually put them on my feet and wore them. suddenly i felt very sad that, well, i don’t really get dressed anymore. i mean, yes…. three years ago i would have been in my yoga pants, or workout clothes, so the fact that i wear jeans and real shirts is a step in the right direction. buttttt….. i don’t really get dressed in cute clothes, and shoes and ear rings. I think after 15 years of heels i needed a break, and now… dare i say it out loud, i’m missing it. missing throwing a suit on and having a career. but then i spend the morning playing Lego avengers with the little one on the wii while doing laundry and i just can’t imagine doing that in heels and a suit. anyway…

7- THIS.

8- so, ummm…. i still haven’t seen 50 shades yet.

9- since i’m confessing things. i hate bacon.

10- i need a good BBQ- who’s in? oh wait- it’s going to rain for the next, well, forever. scratch that idea.

11- this week. SCHOOL IS OVER. people, i am actually looking forward to the summer.