Matt- Senior Pictures.

Here’s the truth:

I’d never met this kid until the day I took his pictures, and this is maybe, the third shutter click of the day…wow..

But seriously, how much does the camera LOVE him?

When they asked if I’d take his senior pictures, I was sooooo excited.

Then fear set in.

What if I totally mess them up? What if I love the pictures, but they don’t really show the “true” him? So I began to research…. hours and hours of research….

I looked at pictures from THE photographer in our area. I looked at pictures from random photographers in our area. I looked at pictures from photographers in Denver, honestly, I looked at pictures from photographers from Kansas City to the East Coast. And the one thing I realized, man I’ve got a lot to learn…ugh.

So, here’s where you can see, I’m totally a novice…. the sun on him. DAMN…would have been my fav shot if I had only paid attention to the sun.

Really though, when you have a kid like this to “learn” with… a-maz-ing.  Oh and guess what…he has a younger brother. I should beg their mother now to take his pics……

Thank you Matt, for being patient with me. For putting up with my one million questions, but most of all for letting me experiment with you. Congrats to you as you start your senior year, have a blast, it’s something you’ll always remember.


Thursday’s Thoughts

Here’s the truth:

1- my husband is in a funk….

2- I once told my husband if I stayed at home all day, the laundry would always be done, and the house always spotless. Yes, I actually said that out loud and believed it.


4- Maybe this picture is why my husband is in a funk? Please tell me other people have a chair like this in their room?


6- My downfall in weight loss-I’m not sure how many I eat a day, but it has to be upwards of 15.

7-  My sister said to me once, ” you don’t have hulu?” Well now I do.

8- Speaking of my sister: Have you read her blog? You should, and then go vote for it:

9- Hulu will be the reason that chair never gets cleaned off.

10- Hulu has reunited me with Grey’s Anatomy, and I suddenly remember why I quit watching it. Pretty sure I cry in every episode. But yes, I am addicted, once again…

11-  ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!!! I know it’s only preseason… but  here we go!

The Yarros Family

Here’s the truth: This family always lets me experiment with them. Starting two years ago in Georgia.

Here’s the truth: This picture was a result of them being guinea pigs.

 I look at this picture and think, how the hell did I get that? No really, I feel like I’ve intruded on a special moment between them…. whatever, who has time for “special moments” when you have 5… count them below 5, kids….seriously though,  I FREAKING LOVE THIS PICTURE.

This session I had seven guinea pigs and I was lost…..unless it was one on one.. and then BAM.. I fell in love with these wonderful little people all over again. (sorry emily,  and remarkable young woman….)

The amount of personality this kid has is CRAZY. Like, so crazy it will catch you off guard, then you stand around just waiting for the next head shaking, laughing so hard you’re crying “chase experience”… need more proof, check this out. “whooshh ahhh, I work out”.

Their mom calls them    “the littles” Although I am sure they will both tower over her one day.

pretty sure this kid is going to be on the cover of GQ someday

Hard to believe these kids start at 3 and end at almost 15….

Beautiful….and taller than Rebecca 🙂

….here’s where 5 kids out number me and where my lack of  experience is SO obvious. Chase is a pirate? ARRRR??? and the wheels start to fall off..

maybe, just maybe, everyone may be yelling… “I’m sexy and I know it”

But in the end….. one turns out beautifully. 1 of 896….. guess I have some work to do.

Here’s the truth: My sister rocks. Her kid’s rock, hell, even her husband rocks. I hope one day I’ll have learned enough to photograph one of  five weddings. Oh who am I kidding, I’ll be sobbing like a baby when these kids get married so someone else will have to take pirate, I mean pictures.


faking it….

Here’s the truth: I know as much about taking pictures as I do using the quadratic equation. Sure, I took one class at our community college back in 19..well you know if the year starts with 19 it was a long time ago. I may know what an F-Stop is and I may understand the rule of thirds but that doesn’t mean I know how to actually use them while taking a photo.  But hell… life is short right? What I DO know, is that I love to take pictures.   So this blog is my journey…Each time I look through the lens and see a smiling face, the sweetest lacrosse goal, a loving and beautiful family….

it makes me want to do it over and over again, learning more and more each time, until I’m not….faking it.