Fridays findings-

here’s the truth:
1- i am still jamming to THIS. i may need a blank space intervention.

2- i got lost in THIS for… well hours. i put THIS on repeat. i may need a taylor swift intervention.

3-i’m going to say it out loud and you all will be SO envious. my Christmas cards are done. yup. DONE.

4- there is a new radio station in town. it’s cray-cray. no really.. it will go from bad bad leroy brown to ditty by paperboy. i can’t get enough. the kids… they hate it.

5-the little has discovered mine craft. need. i. say.more?

6- can we talk about parm/Romano/ asiago cheese blend. no really… i made parmesan crusted chicken with it and there was a little left over, so i may have put it on some bread, and some green beans, and some broccoli, and well this bagel-





7- I promised myself I would never, ever put pictures of food on the blog…. i mean really, i’m sure you don’t give a crap about the food i eat. but, well…. it is what it is. let me know if you want a parm/asiago/romano cheese bagel.

8- so, i think i have finally reached the “shameless” part of parenting. the little, well, the little for the last 3 years has not let the poop out. no, i am not joking. he would stand, in the corner, butt cheeks clinched holding it in. pretty sure he was going to do it, well, forever. last month he got a stomach bug and no amount of bootie cheek squeezing was keeping anything in. I begged and finally after i cleansed my entire house with bleach, he conceded to sit on the potty. a week later… again. no amount of holding could keep anything in. again, i pleaded with him to sit on the potty. then i got the e-mail… THE email i have been dreading since sending the little off to pre-school. he had an  accident at school. so i show up, MORTIFIED that his wonderful, awesome, best EVER school teachers had to deal with, well…. shit. but they told me he sat on the potty and the rest came out in the potty. a week later… he did it at home. sat on the potty… and pooped a baby’s arm. here’s where i have no shame. twice, the poop came out while dad wasn’t home, and when the little demanded i take a picture and “text” it to him, you know i did. yes, there i am taking a picture of poop, and loving.every.second. anyway… people, i am sharing this with you 1) because if you have a “holder” take it from me, it will end. 2) my life has changed.

9- the Schwans man was just here…. we might not be having Christmas if he shows up again.

10-sometimes, i read FB posts and then wish i hadn’t clicked on ” view more comments”- THIS is one of those times. and the news is all over this like it is.. well news?

11-can we talk TV for a second. SCANDAL… awesome.  if you don’t watch, you should.

This weekend…. Who knows, love that!


wednesday’s whatevers-

Here’s the truth:

1- halloween is not really my favorite holiday, but in the whole holiday realm.. it’s in the top two. Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years. I’d actually be ok living on an island during those. At this point, I’d actually live on a cold island.

2-a few weeks ago, i watch the big kick ass in his a cappella performance. and i’m not going to lie. i was totally a little nervous that they were going to be… well…. surprise,  they were awesome, whew. and the big… proud mom moment. cool thing, you can watch it HERE. he’s at 1:02:45. click play, watch the add and then put your mouse over the 3rd H in the “high school cube” logo and click.

3-my sister and one other person threw THIS song up on FB a month or more ago, and i wasn’t really sold on it. i think it is because he sings just a little behind the beat. kinda like willy nelson, and that drives me a little crazy. but then THIS happened. and well, we all know that i love lebron.

4-i’m proud to say i’m getting better at families.. thanks to this one who let me experiment on them!


5- the little just asked me for a spoon of… butter. yes, i said butter. a whole spoon. i had to say no.

6-Can we talk about THESE. I laughed for days.

7- i have to take a moment to vent… shocking, i know. recently, when we voted here, in my little bubble that i pretend you all know about and live in, there was a school bond issue on the ballot. it was a very very very hard choice for me. long and short, the bond passed, and suddenly i am VERY sad.  never mind… it is what it is…

8- THIS. i bawled. just watched it again… bawled again. ❤

9- Can’t get enough of THIS for some odd reason. like, it’s on repeat in the car.

10- I have decided that i am hiding people on FB who HAVE to push their political agenda. it’s annoying to me. I don’t care if you are a free loving, feed the world, women are oppressed, wait everyone is oppressed, so let’s take care of them all liberal – or a gun toting, let the rich get richer, down with welfare republican. i’m over it. share something that makes me laugh, that moves me, that makes me want to be a better person, and not some persons blog about guns that you and your friends rip apart, then accuse the author of sheer ignorance. I.DON’T.CARE. what you or your friends think about guns, or the intelligence of the person who wrote the blog. what i do care about is are you happy? what awesome thing happened in your life? what awesome thing happened in your kids life?Did you pay it forward this week? Share things like THIS. or THIS. end.of.rant.

11- SNOW- yes, it’s ok. fn-freezing weather. not so much.

12- this weekend. BRUNCH!


anna, claire, angela and brian-

here’s the truth: Last year didn’t work out for me and this family. i was super bummed.

here’s the truth: this year… magic i tell ya.

ag-1-2 ag-1-9 ag-1-15 ag-1-17 ag-1-22 ag-1-24 ag-1-32 ag-1-44 ag-1-56 ag-1-58 ag-1-61ag-1-76 ag-1-102

hey angela, thanks for giving me a second chance this year & those girls of yours… i could just eat them up!

P.S. can’t wait to know what the bump is!




marnie and family-

here’s the truth:

i’ve been to fox run park countless time, and yet i never knew they had two ponds.

here’s the truth:

these kids stole my heart. so adorable.

fam-1-42 fam-1-44 m-1-4 m-1-8 m-1-11 m-1-17 m-1-25 m-1-26 m-1-34 m-1-36

dance break-every good photo session has one, right?m-1-41 m-1-45 m-1-49

my favorite- ❤m-1-53

hey marine, love those kids of yours. thank you for sharing your wonderful family with me.


thursday’s thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- I rearranged the only room in my house that I can. It’s like I have a new room. love it.

2- the little wants to be a zombie for halloween. so….i googled zombie costume images. there are some freaking sick people out there. i need an eyeball wash after that.

3- I want THIS. NOW! I think it will be almost as life changing as the egg mcmuffin maker.yum


4- I tired to take the kids pictures this week. Actually I actually had family pictures taken, yup. Last family picture was… oh right, when we got married. But before our family pictures I wanted to grab a few of the kids, since it’s kinda my thing. Here’s what the big gave me. I’m so over him.  (although i do think he smiled for the real photographer, thankfully)



5- So I’ve been surfing pinterest for bedroom ideas. Wait, that didn’t sound good. Wait, get my mind out of the gutter. So, I’ve been surfing pinterest for new decorating ideas for the master bedroom. Here’s what I now know about myself….

1) Throw pillows.. not happening. this is what we have in the throw pillow category.


and yes the hubby sleeps with it every.night. he loves the thing.

2) I can’t have a fancy duvet cover. I have a huge black dog that inhabits my bed and fancy overprice duvet cover is not happening. So… end of surfing. But man….. I kinda want some throw pillows and a fancy duvet cover.

6- As i type this the little is doing… yoga? Like, he requested i find it on demand and is.. actually doing it?

7- THIS. Please… appear in my kitchen ready to eat.

8-So last night Pearl Jam played the Pepsi Center, to those you that went… so jealous. I always thought THIS was their best song evah, but then maybe THIS… however… today… i’m thinking THIS. Hands.Down.

9-So I’m wondering ladies, when do you decide it is time to just, ditch the closet… and start over.

10- THIS.


PS go broncos!


hannah- senior session

Here’s the truth:

i was a little nervous when hannah wanted to have her session somewhere i had never been. would the light work? would there be any light? would there be lots of people around? the list goes on and on…

Here’s the truth: I

hb-1-3 hb-1-10 hb-1-15 hb-1-18 hb-1-24 hb-1-30 hb-1-43 hb-1-62 hb-1-72 hb-1-76

Oh, did i mention hannah is a ballerina.

hb-1-78 hb-1-82 hb-1-84 hb-1-90 hb-1-98 hb-1-105

*my favorite*hb-1-106 hb-1-110 hb-1-114 hb-1-129 hb-1-131 hb-1-134 hb-1-138 hb-1-144


hb-1-150 hb-1-153 hb-1-154 hb-1-33

hey hannah- thanks for holding that pose, for-ev-ah. thanks also for hanging out in a sketchy alley, on some random stairs. can’t tell you how much i love each and every one of these.